Great Gatsby - A fitting name!


Gatsby is an awesome static site generator. On their website they describe it as a "Blazing-fast static site generator for React". And after playing around with it for the last couple of weeks, I cant disagree with them!

As a relatively new developer (1 year & 3 months), I have been looking around for something that will help take my learning to a new level. I am comfortbale with HTML and CSS and my javascript is improving all the time. A colleague at work mentioned Gatsby and that it may be a good way to start learning React.

So I checked it out and really enjoyed what I found. The set up was easy and what I really liked was then when you spun up your project for the first time, you had a base project already there. This allowed me to pick up how all the different parts of the page were linked together and how Gatsby pulls things in from different areas and renders them. I was very quickly able to build a project and as someone with next to no React experience, this shows it is easy to get to grips with!

One thing I was really impressed with was the 'gatsby-image' plugin. The amount you get out the box with this is incredible. Lazy loading, Traced SVG placeholders & Webp support are just a few of the features. It also creates various thumbnails, and serves the correct image for the correct viewport width, ensuring large images are a thing of the past, and load times are a fast as possible.

I have built this web page from Gatsby, and it was really an absolute breeze. Deploying using Netlify was also very quick and easy.

I am going to continue my work on Gatsby, it has features that could benefit my team at work and I want to learn more about GraphQL, which looks like a interesting way to query data. I will write another post when I have more experience with Gatsby and have dug more into its features.